The SashNuff Show
Episode #32

This week, Sash and Sho’nuff break down big news and try not to be struck by a power outage!  (It’s only topical for another week, gotta strike while the iron is hot!)

Episode #31

This week, Sash has moved into a new place and tries to convince Sho’nuff to start wearing purple.

Episode #30

This week, Sash and Sho’Nuff get ready to return from derby break by testing to see if quotes came from Shakespeare or Batman.  Yes, really.

Episode #29

This week, we know we survived the Mayan apocalypse, but since this show was recorded before 12/21, hear the panic rise in Sash’s voice!  Sho’nuff tries to talk everyone down from doomsday thoughts.

Episode #28

This week… well, we really don’t know how to explain this week aside from “Sash got into the cold medicine.”

Episode #27

This week, Sash is dangling on the edge as the days tick away before turning 30, and Sho’nuff finally saw the Dark Knight Rises.  Also, Sho’nuff inexplicably turns down S’mores vodka.

Episode #26

This week, Sash and Sho’nuff are joined once again by Axel Night from The Clockwork Bard to discuss the Wii U launch, American Thanksgiving, and kitchen experimentation!

Episode #25

This week, Sash has survived the WFTDA Championships in Atlanta, Sho’nuff survived from home, and we are joined by fellow survivor Elle Beaux from the Atlanta Rollergirls! Sash, Sho’nuff, and Elle go over Champs, the election and it’s national impact on ladyparts, and more!

Episode #24

This week, Sash and Sho’nuff batten down the hatches and talk about… their typing speeds?  Also, Sho’nuff tried the lasagna burrito!

Episode #23

This week, Sash and Sho’Nuff discuss “That Bear Ate My Pants!”, politics, food, and censorship!  Also, Sash CHALLENGES! Sho’Nuff!  What is the challenge about?  Find out this week!